Public Art Projects
2002†††† Sept   The Gift (completed by Barbara Campbell), St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney,
Bligh Voller Nield (commissioning architects)
2002   Render to all their dues ANU Public Art Program, Canberra
2001   Still Light Temporary works for ACT Public Art Program (curated by Jane Barney)
1999   Ruach (with David Wright) Cabrini Hospital, Melbourne
1998   House Proud Playhouse Theatre, Canberra
1997   The Fourth Pillar ACT Magistrates Court, Canberra
1994   Terang (Victoria) Gateway project - design consultation
1992   Transmission Tower (Render to all their dues) Temporary public installation for Adelaide Festival
1990   Flood Plane temporary public installation commissioned by Floriade Spring Festival, Canberra
1987   Trine Gorman House Arts Centre, Canberra
1987   Untitled Bitumen River Gallery, Canberra
1984   Interface: Art & Technology Adelaide Festival exhibition

Individual and Collaborative Projects
2003 Nov   Love's Labours Helen Maxwell Gallery, Canberra
(selected by Barbara Campbell)
2002 Nov   Light Touch, Hard Blow Helen Maxwell Gallery, Canberra
(selected by Barbara Campbell)
2001 June   The Collected Works of Neil Roberts Canberra School of Art Gallery
(curated by Merryn Gates)
2000 June   Half Ether Helen Maxwell Gallery, Canberra
2000 May   Again & Again (with Kimmo Vennonen), Canberra Contemporary Art Space
2000†March   Dew Mixed with Sweat Gitte Weise Gallery, Sydney
1998 July   BA na na BA na na MAN go Noosa Regional Gallery, Queensland
1998 July   Bruising Gitte Weise Gallery, Sydney
1996 July   Tiny Idols Heaped in Piles Canberra Contemporary Art Space
1996 Feb   balls Kunst, Sydney
1994 June   Kunst, Sydney
1994 March   The Great Ultimates and other works Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne
1993 June   The Plait, the Tatt and Baudelaireís Rope Art Museum, University of South Australia, Adelaide
1993 Feb   Feeding the Chooks (with Stephen Paul Day) Galerie Constantinople, Queanbeyan
1991 Aug   Addressing the Wounds installation at ART-LAB, Manila, The Philippines
1991 Mar   The Forces of Democracy window installation, Peekaboo, Perth,
1990 Dec   Hunger and Thirst (with Tess Horwitz) Artstop Window, Canberra
1989 July   Grand and Bowery, Part II Camera Lucida, Sydney
1989 June   Grand and Bowery Canberra Contemporary Art Space (Gallery3)
1988 Nov   Can You Read The Clouds (with eX de Medici) Galerie Constantinople, Queanbeyan
1987 Jan   Transit of Shadows Canberra Contemporary Art Space
1984 Oct   Knives and Shadows Arts Council Gallery, Canberra
1977 Nov   Photographs Fremantle Arts Centre Gallery, WA

Group Exhibitions and Projects
2003 Sept   Fair Game: art + sport NGV Response Gallery, Melbourne (curated by Anonda Bell)
2001 Dec   Transparent Things: Expressions in Glass NGA Touring Exhibition in collaboration with Wagga Wagga Regional Art Gallery
2001 Dec   Glow: Body of Light Object GAlleries, Sydney (curated by Rhana Devenport)
2001 Nov   National Sculpture Prize National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
2001†April   The Copy Room Foyer Gallery, Canberra School of Art (Multiple Constantinoples editions for Australian Print Symposium)
2001†March   low-down Monash University Gallery, Melbourne
2000 July   Uncommon World National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
2000 May   Plastic by Nature 24Hr Art, Darwin
2000 April   Triptych Helen Maxwell Gallery, Canberra
1999 Dec   Something for above the Couch Gitte Weise Gallery, Sydney
1998 July   Graphic Monash University Gallery, Melbourne
1998 May   Verve S. H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney
1997 Sept   Multiplication: the multiple object in art Monash University Gallery, Melbourne
1997 June   Winter Light aGOG, Canberra
1997 May   Exquisite Gitte Weise Gallery, Sydney
1997 March   Kunst Unlimited Gitte Weise Gallery, Sydney
1997 March   6th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition University of Hawaii Gallery
1997 Feb   Cabinet of Curiosities Academy of Science, Canberra
1997 Jan   Fever Gitte Weise Gallery, Sydney
1996 May   Breaching the Divide Goulburn Regional Gallery
1995 Dec   Multiple Constantinoples Galerie Constantinople, Queanbeyan
1995 Nov   Osaka Triennale (Sculpture) Osaka, Japan
1995 March   Drawing Room Kunst, Sydney
1994 May   Aussembledge Auckland City Gallery, New Zealand
1994 June   Symmetry National touring exhibition, curated by Kevin Murray
1994 July   Romantisystem Canberra Contemporary Art Space
1994 Oct   Celebrate?Jam Factory?21st Birthday exhibition, Adelaide
1993 Oct   21600 each 24 hrs Canberra Travelodge Hotel
1993 Sept   Decor Canberra House Arcade
1993 Sept   10 Guineas and Under Blaxland Gallery, Sydney
1993 Sept   Parcel Post Show Room 4, Linden Gallery, Melbourne
1992 April   3D 200 Gertrude Street, Melbourne
1992 April   From a Distance installation as part of ARX 3, Perth
1992 July   F.A.C.T.: An Installation Publication National touring exhibition
1992 Nov   Coals to Newcastle: Xerox Art by Five Australian Artists Australia Centre, Manila, the Philippines (Exhibition Coordinator and contributor)
1992 Nov   C.D. Ben Grady Gallery, Canberra
1991 Aug   The Intramuros Conspiracy Galeria de las Islas, Manila, The Philippines
1991 Nov   10 Guineas and Under Blackland Gallery, Sydney
1991 Aug   Sydney Printmakers Blaxland Gallery, Sydney
1991 Aug   Artruption Cultural Centre of the Philippines
1991 Jan   Challenging the Medium Blaxland Gallery, Sydney
1990 Sept   4th Australian Sculpture Triennial, National Gallery of Victoria
1990 Aug   Instant Polaroid exhibition, First Draft (West), Sydney
1990 July   Canbrart Drill Hall, Australian National Gallery, Canberra
1990 June   The Arsonists Galerie Constantinople, Queanbeyan
1990 Dec   Once in a Blue Moon Galerie Constantinople, Queanbeyan
1989 Oct   Tenderly/Gently neon installations as part of ARX '89 (METRO MANIA), Perth
1989 May   Uncommon Objects Harbourfront, Toronto, Canada
1988 Sept   4th National Glass Biennale, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery
1988 Aug   Home Domestic neon prototype, manufactured by Barnes Neon, Queensland, for "Design for Australian Living" exhibition, Exhibition Building, Melbourne
1988 Apr-May   Says Who! Camera Lucida, Sydney. Participant in, and coordinator of a series of thematic exhibitions
1988 April   Australian Crafts Exhibition, 1988, Meatmarket Craft Centre, Melbourne
1988 March   A Persistent Vision Museum of S.A. precinct, Adelaide Festival
1987 Sept   Collaborator Installation at ARX '87, Perth, W.A.
1987 July   Site Specific City (with eX de Medici) Canberra Contemporary Art Space
1987 June   Makers Choice Jam Factory Gallery, Adelaide, S.A.
1987 June   Scanned Image and The Word Arts Council Gallery, Canberra
1987 June   Saloncoda Bitumen River Gallery, Canberra
1987 June   Nowhere Utopia THAT Space, Brisbane
1987 June   Fake One Kelly St. Kollective Gallery, Sydney
1986 Oct   Vessage First Draft Gallery, Sydney (devised and coordinated with eX de Medici)
1986 Feb   Glass in a Dark Space Queensland Art Gallery
1985 May   Eight an installation as part of ANZART/AUCKLAND '85
1985 May   3rd National Glass Biennale, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery
1985 Feb   Artworks Glass Crafts Council Gallery, Sydney
1985 Jan   Sculpture '85 World Trade Centre, Melbourne
1985 Jan   Display Homes Exhibition, Canberra
1983 May   2nd National Glass Biennale, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery
1983 May   Third Rail Series Canberra School of Art Gallery (Staff Exhibition)
1982 Feb   Elements of Change Crafts Council Gallery, Sydney
1981   National Glass Exhibition, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery

Works held in public collections include:
ACT Legislative Assembly
Artbank Collection
Australian National University, Canberra
Canberra Museum and Gallery
Contemporary Art and Culture Centre, Osaka, Japan
Monash University Collection
National Gallery of Australia
National Gallery of Victoria
National Glass Collection, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery
Queensland Art Gallery
Victorian Ministry for the Arts

2000   Capital Arts Patrons Organisation Fellowship, Canberra
1998   Australia Council VACF grant:?New Work
1995   Daikin Industries Prize, Osaka Triennial (Sculpture), Japan
1995   Inaugural ArtsACT Creative Arts Fellowship (Visual Arts)
1992   Bronze Award, Kristallnacht Project, American Interfaith Institute
1991   Australia Council VACB grant: Artist-in-Residency, ART-LAB, Manila
1989   Australia Council VACB grant: Overseas studio residency, Greene Street, New York
1981/82   Australia Council Crafts Board grant: Studies, Orrefors
1981/82   Glass School and New York Experimental Glass Workshop.

2002   Artist Consultant, Australian National Botanic Gardens Arid Gardens Design Project, Mitchell Giurgola & Thorp, Architects
1997-2002   Artist/planner, various ACT Government forward design study teams for Civic refurbishment and public art program
1995-2002   Publisher, Multiple Constantinople editions
1989-2002   Director, Galerie Constantinople, Queanbeyan
2000   Curatorium member, Festival of Contemporary Art, Canberra
2000   Board member, Muse magazine, Canberra
2000   Board member, Studio One Inc, Canberra
1993   Research Consultant, Student Evaluation and Enhancement of Teaching project, Canberra School of Art
1992/93   Member, Visual Arts Committee, Cultural Council of the A.C.T.
1988   Member, C.C.N.S.W. Public Art Working Party
1988-1994   Designer and image-maker for People Next Door, a Canberra-based theatre group: Adelaide Festival Fringe, March 1988;?New South Wales tour, May/June 1988; Philippines tour, September 1989; Wild Grass and Toxic Kisses and Age of Consent, National Gallery of Australia, October 1992 and November 1993; The Hyperreal Thing, National Theatre Festival, Canberra, October 1994
1987   Selected participant, Crafts Council of New South Wales, Art and Craft in Architecture symposium and collaborative practice development model
1986/87   Member, Steering Committee for the formation of the Canberra Contemporary Art Space
1983/1987   Member, Bitumen River Gallery Collective, Canberra.
1983/1987   Regularly involved in various group exhibitions and events
1983/84   Initiated and organised PERFORMISM, a series of events in Canberra
1982-1985   Founding co-director and exhibitor, Glass Artists Gallery, Sydney

1998   Graduate critiques, Interlink program, Art Institute of Chicago
1987   Graduate Assessor, Canberra School of Art
1987-89   Sydney College of the Arts
1985-89   Post-Graduate outside Tutor/Assessor, Sydney College of the Arts
1985/86   Member, Sydney College of the Arts Re-Accreditation Committees, Under Graduate, Post Graduate and Masters degrees
1985-87   Occasional Member, Crafts Board of the Australia Council, Working Parties

1989 Sept   Installation and stage design workshops at various cultural organisations, Metro Manila and regions, The Philippines
1989 June/July   Summer School, New York Experimental Glass Workshop
1989 April   Sculpture and installation, Sheridan School of Art and Design and Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Canada
1987   National Glass Conference, Melbourne
1985   National Glass Conference, Sydney


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