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1    Campbell, Barbara, Untitled (bounce monoprints) label text for exhibition     2003
2    Campbell, Barbara, Waiting for the Perfect Fit: when materials become objects, public lecture, Canberra Museum and Gallery, 21 October 2004     2004
3    Cochrane, Grace, The Crafts Movement in Australia: A History, N.S.W. University Press, 1992     1992
4    Roberts, Neil and Sullivan, Eve, radio interview about the exhibition The Grand and Bowery 1989     1989
5    Roberts, Neil, "Man of Glass", The Listening Room, ABC-FM Radio Program, 27.8.1990. (Robin Ravlich, producer)     1990
6    Roberts, Neil, "Narrabundah College Art Exhibition", opening address, Spiral Arm Gallery, Kingston, Canberra 30.11.01     2001
7    Roberts, Neil, The Gift wall text, St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney, 2002     2002
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