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1    "Interview with Neil Roberts", Art Monthly Australia #36, Nov 1990     1990
2    Brennan, Anne, "Neil's practice", Muse November 1999     1999
3    Buckingham, Robert and Roberts, Neil "Retrieving the Lost and Found", Craft Victoria, Spring, 1994     1994
4    Edwards, Geoffrey, "Neil Roberts" Glass, number 68, Fall, 1997     1997
5    Emery, John, "Towering lights", The Advertiser, December 28, 1991     1991
6    Ewington, Julie, "Canberra Perspective". Art Monthly, Aug/Sept, 1987     1987
7    Hinchliffe, Meredith "Balancing creativity with organisation", The Canberra Times, April 2, 1995     1995
8    Musa, Helen, "Wordplay house", The Canberra Times, May 15, 1998     1998
9    Pearce, Wade, "Neil sends towering messages", Adelaide Advertiser1992     1992
10    Roberts, Neil, "An uncertain relation" part 2 Art Monthly #47, March 1992     1992
11    Roberts, Neil, "An Uncertain Relation: an artist's letter from Manila", part I Art Monthly #44, October 1991(ed: Peter Townsend)     1991
12    Roberts, Neil, "Essendon AFL Club Hall of Fame", inSITE Magazine, October 1999 (ed: Kevin Murray)     1999
13    Roberts, Neil, "On the Other Side", Praxis M, #18, 1987 (ed: Marco Marcon)     1987
14    Roberts, Neil, "One Man's Eyes: Arenas" Text and Images, Age Monthly Review, March 1990 (ed: Paul Carter)     1990
15    Roberts, Neil, "Rewiring the plait the tatt and Baudelaire's rope", Art Monthly Australia #143, September 2001     2001
16    Roberts, Neil, "The Space Between" (with Stephanie Radok), Art Link Asia Issue, Volume 13, Nos. 3 & 4, 1993/94     1993
17    Sullivan, Eve, "Flood Plane", Muse, October 1990     1990
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