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76    4th Australian Sculpture Triennial, National Gallery of Victoria 5 images     1990 Sept
77    The Arsonists Galerie Constantinople, Queanbeyan 3 images     1990 June
78    Canbrart Drill Hall, Australian National Gallery, Canberra 3 images     1990 July
79    Hunger and Thirst (with Tess Horwitz) Artstop Window, Canberra 2 images     1990 Dec
80    Once in a Blue Moon Galerie Constantinople, Queanbeyan 5 images     1990 Dec
81    Instant Polaroid exhibition, First Draft (West), Sydney 8 images     1990 Aug
82    Metro Mania ARX '89, Perth 7 images     1989 Oct
83    Uncommon Objects Harbourfront, Toronto, Canada     1989 May
84    Grand and Bowery Canberra Contemporary Art Space (Gallery3) 26 images     1989 June
85    Grand and Bowery, Part II Camera Lucida, Sydney 25 images     1989 July
86    National Glass Biennale, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery 2 images     1988 Sept
87    Can You Read The Clouds (with eX de Medici) Galerie Constantinople, Queanbeyan 2 images     1988 Nov
88    A Persistent Vision Museum of S.A. precinct, Adelaide Festival     1988 March
89    Home Domestic neon prototype, manufactured by Barnes Neon, Queensland, for "Design for Australian Living" exhibition, Exhibition Building, Melbourne     1988 Aug
90    Says Who! Camera Lucida, Sydney. Participant in, and coordinator of a series of thematic exhibitions 4 images     1988 Apr-May
91    Australian Crafts Exhibition, 1988, Meatmarket Craft Centre, Melbourne     1988 April
92    Collaborator Installation at ARX '87, Perth, W.A. 7 images     1987 Sept
93    Scanned Image and The Word Arts Council Gallery, Canberra     1987 June
94    Saloncoda Bitumen River Gallery, Canberra     1987 June
95    Fake One Kelly St. Kollective Gallery, Sydney     1987 June
96    Makers Choice Jam Factory Gallery, Adelaide, S.A. 3 images     1987 June
97    Nowhere Utopia THAT Space, Brisbane     1987 June
98    Site Specific City (with eX de Medici) Canberra Contemporary Art Space 6 images     1987 July
99    Transit of Shadows Canberra Contemporary Art Space 17 images     1987 Jan
100    Vessage First Draft Gallery, Sydney (devised and coordinated with eX de Medici) 3 images     1986 Oct
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