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1    Neil Roberts chances with glass Canberra Glassworks, ACT (curated by Barbara Campbell and Jane Cush)     2017 Sept
2    Bouncing Off, Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery, NSW, (curated by Merryn Gates) 13 images     2005 June
3    Waiting for the Perfect Fit: the collected materials of Neil Roberts, Open Collections, Canberra Museum and Gallery, (curated by Barbara Campbell) 13 images     2004 Sept
4    Love's labours Helen Maxwell Gallery, Canberra 16 images     2003 Nov
5    Light Touch, Hard Blow Helen Maxwell Gallery, Canberra 47 images     2002 Nov
6    The Collected Works of Neil Roberts Canberra School of Art Gallery
(curated by Merryn Gates)
53 images
    2001 June
7    Again & Again (with Kimmo Vennonen), Canberra Contemporary Art Space 2 images     2000 May
8    Dew Mixed with Sweat Gitte Weise Gallery, Sydney 13 images     2000 March
9    Half Ether Helen Maxwell Gallery, Canberra 32 images     2000 June
10    BA na na BA na na MAN go Noosa Regional Gallery, Queensland 6 images     1998 July
11    Bruising Gitte Weise Gallery, Sydney 18 images     1998 July
12    Tiny Idols Heaped in Piles Canberra Contemporary Art Space 20 images     1996 July
13    balls Kunst, Sydney 13 images     1996 Feb
14    Fellowship Presentation Exhibition Canberra Contemporary Art Space 6 images     1995 July
15    The Great Ultimates and other works Luba Bilu Gallery, Melbourne 35 images     1994 March
16    Kunst, Sydney 14 images     1994 June
17    The Plait, the Tatt and Baudelaire’s Rope Art Museum, University of South Australia, Adelaide 53 images     1993 June17 - 26
18    Feeding the Chooks (with Stephen Paul Day) Galerie Constantinople, Queanbeyan     1993 Feb
19    The Forces of Democracy window installation, Peekaboo, Perth,     1991 Mar
20    Addressing the Wounds installation at ART-LAB, Manila, The Philippines 26 images     1991 Aug
21    Hunger and Thirst (with Tess Horwitz) Artstop Window, Canberra 2 images     1990 Dec
22    Grand and Bowery Canberra Contemporary Art Space (Gallery3) 26 images     1989 June
23    Grand and Bowery, Part II Camera Lucida, Sydney 25 images     1989 July
24    Can You Read The Clouds (with eX de Medici) Galerie Constantinople, Queanbeyan 2 images     1988 Nov
25    Transit of Shadows Canberra Contemporary Art Space 17 images     1987 Jan
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