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1    The Gift (completed by Barbara Campbell), St Vincent's Hospital, Sydney,
Bligh Voller Nield (commissioning architects)
7 images
    2002 Sept
2    Render to all their dues ANU Public Art Program, Canberra     2002
3    Ruach (with David Wright) Cabrini Hospital, Melbourne 5 images     1999
4    Records of War Orientation Gallery, Australian War Memorial, Canberra 2 images     1998
5    House Proud Playhouse, Canberra 9 images     1998
6    The Fourth Pillar ACT Magistrates Court, Canberra 8 images     1997
7    Transmission Tower (Render to all their dues) Temporary public installation for Adelaide Festival 7 images     1992
8    Flood Plane temporary public installation commissioned by Floriade Spring Festival, Canberra 8 images     1990
9    Untitled Bitumen River Gallery, Canberra 4 images     1987
10    Trine Gorman House Arts Centre, Canberra 3 images     1987
11    Interface: Art & Technology Adelaide Festival exhibition 4 images     1984
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